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Stamford  Little League - American Division

Rules for Majors 2024:

All Players Must Play

No player may sit out defensively more than 3 innings in a game (unless the game goes extra innings). Note that it is worded this way, as opposed to a 3 inning play time minimum, in case there is no bottom of the 6th for instance.  Note that a player is not required to play 9 consecutive defensive outs to satisfy this local rule, but is subject to the 6 consecutive defensive outs requirement.  

This rule will apply for the regular season and playoffs.

Mandatory EH Rule

  • For the regular season, managers must bat 10 batters instead of the minimum of 9. Batter 10 is deemed the extra hitters (EH).  

    • If a team has only 8 or 9 players (batters), 

      • The team will not be charged an “out” for the 10th batting position.

      • The opposing team has the option of batting 9

    • This rule does not apply for the playoffs

  • Once the decision is made, you remain at that number of batters for the full game.

  • The only exception is if a player or players must leave the game (injury, religious reasons, etc.) and you are left with fewer than 10 players as a result, your lineup is reduced to match the number of players you have left, without penalty (i.e., no automatic outs). If you start with an EH and you have 10 or more players left, you continue to bat 10.

  • An EH may bat anywhere in the lineup.

  • An EH is considered to be "in the game" and therefore can move around freely with position players (e.g., EH could swap spots with the SS mid-inning and it is not considered a substitution). However, being in the lineup as the EH does not count toward the 6 out fielding minimum.

8-Player Minimum

Teams are allowed to start and continue a game if there are 8 or more eligible players, as long as the league Call-Up Policy procedures have been followed.  For the Majors and AAA divisions, if there are 8 players in the batting order, an out will be recorded for the empty position.  For the AA division, if there are 8 players in the batting order, an out will not be recorded for the empty position.

Courtesy Runner

With 2 outs, a manager may elect to put in a courtesy runner for the pitcher and/or catcher of record.  The courtesy runner must be a player not in the batting order.  If a full continuous batting order is used, the courtesy runner is the player who made the last out.  The same player may not be a courtesy runner for both the pitcher and catcher during a game.

Intentional Walks

Intentional walks are permitted. The manager can declare the intentional walk prior to the beginning of the at-bat or during the at-bat.  If the manager elects to intentionally walk a batter, the remaining number of pitches to get to 4 balls will be added to the pitch count. For example, if elected before the at-bat, 4 pitches are added to the pitch count; if elected during at-bat with 1 ball on the batter, 3 pitches are added to the pitch count.

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